Will you be relocating or moving this Summer? If so chances are that you will need lodging for a month or more. While extended-stay hotels have become popular in recent years, the truth is furnished accommodations (corporate housing) may be a better choice for your needs. While furnished corporate housing may lack some useful services (e.g. daily breakfast buffet), they will usually provide a more comfortable and homelike atmosphere. This is usually due to having more square footage (at least twice as much) along with in-suite laundry, fully equipped kitchens and not to mention, the ability to customize your furniture and layout according to what your own needs may be. For example, if you are traveling with a baby, you can have your apartment equipped with a high chair, crib and playpen. Some relocating families also like a home office, home theater or In-law Suite which can always be arranged. At CHSRS corporate housing solutions we specialize in special request and making you ” feel like home”. So when relocating don’t be afraid to ask for those special touches that will make your surroundings more comfortable and useful during your new adventure.

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