Being Safe in Today’s Tech World

Like everyone else CHSRS corporate housing solutions is always online in today’s tech world. Whether contacting clients via email, requesting services with vendors and doing research – just like you we put ourselves at risk everyday. So how can we be safer in today’s cyber world? Because we are able to do so many things due to today’s electronic capability with computers and of course smart phones. We all put ourselves at risk by doing everyday things like sending emails, on-line shopping, banking, booking reservations and paying bills. However keep in mind that with this convenience that there is also a risk involved.  One of the best things you can do is take a moment and review some important tips on how to protect yourself and stayas  safe as possible against cyber spies.

Remember Play it Safe

An important part of online safety is knowledge, remember most banking institutions and credit card companies will never email or otherwise contact you and ask for your user name, password or other online credentials. Also, be sure to periodically assess your online risk and put into place increased security controls where weaknesses are commonly found; some items to consider when assessing your online risk are:

• Who has access to your online accounts?
• How and where are user names and passwords stored?
• How strong are your passwords and how often are they changed?

Create good passwords. A good password is a combination of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Be sure that it can’t easily be guessed and change your password frequently. Don’t write it down.
Don’t reveal personal information via email. Emails and text messages can be masked to look like they are coming from a trusted sender, when they are actually from someone else. Play it safe. Do not send your personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, passwords etc. via email or texting.
Don’t download that file! Be careful of unsolicited attachments especially .zip files attached to emails can be dangerous, especially when they are from someone you don’t know as they can allow harmful malware or viruses to be downloaded onto your computer. Make sure you have a good antivirus program on your computer that is up to date.
Links aren’t always what they seem. Never log in from a link that is embedded in an email message. Criminals can use fake email addresses and make fake web pages that mimic the page you would expect. To avoid falling into their trap, type in the URL address directly and then log in.
Web sites aren’t always what they seem. Be aware that if you navigate to a website from a link you don’t type, you may end up at a site that looks like the correct one, when in fact it’s not. Take time to verify that the web page you’re visiting matches exactly with the URL that you’d expect.
Log off from sites when you are done. Once you are ready to leave a site you have logged in to, log off rather than just close the page.
Monitor account activity. Monitor your online accounts activity regularly either by reviewing your monthly statements or going directly online, and be sure to report any unauthorized transactions right away to your banking or billing institution.

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Will you be relocating or moving this Summer? If so chances are that you will need lodging for a month or more. While extended-stay hotels have become popular in recent years, the truth is furnished accommodations (corporate housing) may be a better choice for your needs. While furnished corporate housing may lack some useful services (e.g. daily breakfast buffet), they will usually provide a more comfortable and homelike atmosphere. This is usually due to having more square footage (at least twice as much) along with in-suite laundry, fully equipped kitchens and not to mention, the ability to customize your furniture and layout according to what your own needs may be. For example, if you are traveling with a baby, you can have your apartment equipped with a high chair, crib and playpen. Some relocating families also like a home office, home theater or In-law Suite which can always be arranged. At CHSRS corporate housing solutions we specialize in special request and making you ” feel like home”. So when relocating don’t be afraid to ask for those special touches that will make your surroundings more comfortable and useful during your new adventure.

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Summer means BBQ Time

It’s Summer time and of course we all love to BBQ, sometimes even better yet we like someone else to do the cooking. We are fortunate that The Woodlands has some of the best barbeque around so here is a list of places to go – and be prepared to lick your fingers!

Pit Master Bar-B-Que
343 Sawdust Road – 281-419-3644
842 Rayford Road – 832-362-1111
Mama J’s BBQ & Grill
26710 I-45 North
Corkscrew BBQ
24930 Budde Road • 832-592-1184
Country Time BBQ
25330 Richards Road
Dickey’s Barbeque Pit
6011 FM 1488 – 281-259-8422
10700 Kuykendahl Road – 281-298-8422
25919 I-45 N., Ste. A – 281-419-7675
Spring Creek Barbecue
19099 I-45 N., Shenandoah
Pappa’s Bar-B-Q
27752 I-45 N., Oak Ridge North
Thomas Bar-B-Q
25312 I-45 N., Spring

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Spring is In The Air

With the crack of the bat,  Spring officially arrived this week with one of America’s favorite pastimes…Baseball. We know that fans are full or optimism and excited to see how their favorite teams do this year. Here in Houston the Astros open their season hosting the New York Yankees. If you are traveling to Houston this year to see your favorite baseball team please remember that CHSRS corporate housing solutions is available to assist with any temporary accommodations that you may need. We provide a great alternative to a hotel with large fully furnished apartments with a list of amenities to make your stay enjoyable. So if Houston is on your travel list this Spring, please give CHSRS corporate housing solutions a call and let us assist you with a place to stay while in town. Enjoy the Spring and Play Ball!

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Relocating Can Be Stress Free

Relocating a life from one place to another can bring about a number of mixed feelings – from the excitement of a new job or locale to where to live or even cultural adjustment. Some additional challenges include a range of administrative tasks that may involve difficult decisions for an employee – many of which are not easily anticipated prior to the move. Finding lodging, transportation, and dealing with service providers in an unfamiliar environment can leave an employee frustrated and preoccupy their time with arranging the necessities of everyday life for their family. For the employer, this can result in impairing an employee’s focus and taking longer to acclimatize them to their new job and location, causing frustration and unnecessary pressure on the employer, employee and a family – not to mention taking the fun out of this new life adventure.

A relocating employee does not need to take on these challenges or stressful situations by themselves. Some employers have in-house resources to help or you may have to reach out to an outside source that can help. One of those options is to incorporate the assistance of a corporate housing company. These companies can assist a family with accommodations and services employing a number of specialists to help a family get settled into a new area as quickly as possible.

Airport and Transfer Services: There is nothing like landing in a new locale and not knowing where to go or how to get there. Some corporate housing companies can provide a meet and assist service where an employee is met at the airport and provided assistance, guidance, and direction to their new location.

Accommodations and Housing: An employee usually needs temporary lodging sometime even prior to arrival at their new location. An employee may also need temporary accommodations once they have arrived in a new location or while waiting to get settled into their permanent residence. This can be short-term or even long term if an employee is working on a project for a determined amount of time. A corporate housing company can assist in providing furnished accommodations that are inclusive of housewares and utilities, full kitchen, and washer / dryer. What a great option to be able to stay in an apartment or home which has much more room than a hotel, for an easier transition for employee and their family.

Home Finding: Some corporate housing companies can also assist an employee with finding a new home. They have licensed realtors or have relationships with some of the locations best Real Estate Agents. Let them assist you with finding the best location based on the family’s needs, such as distance from work, quality of life and school requirements.

Cultural and Language Assistance: An employee and their family are more likely to settle into a new environment if they understand the language and cultural differences. Sometimes small issues caused by a language or cultural difference can cause stress to the employee and distract them from focusing on their new job.
Settling Service: These services usually include orientation of the new location and according to the employees needs can include a tour that includes important elements like public transport, shops, medical facilities, social security service and banks to set up accounts and explanation of the new location procedures. They can also assist an employee with locating proper motor vehicle licensing including driving classes.

Utilizing a corporate housing provider and their partners can ensure that a relocating employee and their family have all the information needed to settle-in properly, be safe in the knowledge that their home life is under control with the family settled and excited to enjoy this new opportunity.

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